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Classes & Prices

Class Packages 55 mins
・Single Class Drop-In: $25
・Package of 5:   $115  ( $10 Off )
・Package of 10:   $200  ( $50 Off )
・Package of 20:   $360  ( $140 Off )
Monthly Memberships
・1 Month Unlimited Open Studio  $150
・1 Month Unlimited Open Studio with Auto-Renewal  $140
    (3 months contract with $30 saving) 
・1 Month Unlimited Open Studio &  Classes  $175
・1 Month Unlimited Open Studio &  Classes  with Auto-Renewal  $165
     (3 months contract with $30 saving) 

*Class packages and monthly memberships can be used for all Open Studio or Classes.

*Must use total package visits within 3 calendar months from date of purchase.

●Open Studio●

In Open Studio, you are able to use the studio equipment under the supervision of our Pilates Instructors. You work at your own pace and ability on a routine of your choosing. This class type is not catered for beginners of Pilates. A knowledge of pilates exercises and the equipment is needed but can be learned in just 1 Private Session.

●Classes ●

Classes are guided by one of our fantastic Pilates Instructors, and utilize the Reformer for a challenging full-body workout. We offer classes for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Check out our Jump Board and Reformer Stretch classes to mix up your routine!

Interested in exploring our Private Sessions?

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