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FYZICAL Pilates Instructors work in a rehabilitation setting and are certified and cross trained in many different disciplines, allowing them to understand individual issues and respond in an informed manner.

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Shauna Grasso

@ Cheyenne Studio

Shauna grew up dancing, and has always felt that exercise is the best medicine. She discovered Pilates while working as a Physical Therapy Technician - she was hooked from the first time she tried a class. Shauna holds a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Integrative Physiology, which has helped her to understand how the body works, and is a valuable tool when teaching Pilates in conjunction with Physical Therapy rehabilitation. She also has a minor in Dance, and feels that Pilates and dance work beautifully hand-in-hand.


Shauna has been teaching Pilates since 2014; obtaining her certification from Pure Balance Pilates. When she is not teaching Pilates or ballet, she is hiking or camping in the vast spaces around Las Vegas. Shauna’s focus when teaching is on working every muscle in the body in a way that is gentle, but also thorough and challenging.

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Julieta's exposure to the Classical Pilates Method
started at age 12 and has continued to evolve
to accommodate her work with professional dancers,
entertainers, professional elite athletes, and rehabilitation patients.


She performed as a professional dancer and choreographer
all over the United States, parts of Japan,
Mexico City and sections of South America.


A firm believer in the fundamentals of Classical Pilates,
she embraces a combination of methods learned from Polestar
Pilates, Keith Kleven and other Physical Therapists at The Kleven
Institute of Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation. Now at FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Clinic Center.


With the advanced skills and knowledge
acquired from prior experiences,
Julieta has an expertise in caring for patients,
group classes, and private clients.


Julieta is expert in rehabilitation exercise for various client
from regular patient through pro athlete.

Julieta Elliott

@ Jones Studio

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Catarina Moya

@ Pecos Studio

Catarina has been a performer for over 20 years, she worked
as a Dancer and Aerialist around the world.
Here in USA she was part of
"The Greatest Show on Earth- Ringling Bros Circus".

Catarina found Pilates while living in Hong Kong, and she was hooked.
She has been teaching Pilates for over 8 years, with the background in Pilates Rehabilitation, her exercise has a special blend of motivation , empathy and passion to ensure the best results throughout Pilates.

  Catarina is a wife and mother of 2 boys.
She speaks Portugueses, Spanish and English.

  She prides herself on classes that
flow, progressively challenges and captivate.

Antoinette  Diaz Modrok

@ Jones Studio

"I was hooked on Pilates from my very first session with Candice Joseph, who opened the first independent Pilates studio in Las Vegas in 1997.  I’m very aware of the positive changes Pilates can make on a person’s body, mind and spirit.  I’ve experienced first-hand what Pilates has done to improve my life.”


Antoinette has been a committed fitness enthusiast all her life, participating in doubles team volleyball, bicycling  and body  building.  In 1985, Antoinette was crowned "Miss Las Vegas" as an amateur body builder.  She was certified in 2003 by the Body Arts & Science International Teacher Training certification program in the Pilates Method and continues to practice the method to this day.  In 2013, she retired from a career in the insurance industry as a president/COO of an independent insurance agency in order to pursue her passion for Pilates, fitness, and wellness.


Today she is excited to continue on her own personal Pilates journey
and to teach the Pilates method.

Sayaka Nagatsuka

@ Jones Studio

A Master trainer for the DK Body Balancing method.
She’s been assisting and running DK Pilates certification programs since 2012.

Sayaka was trained in both Japan and the United States which equipped her with the Stretch Pole®️, Swing®️, and the NASM-Corrective Exercise Specialist with experience in Anatomy dissection from the University of Hawaii.


When she isn’t teaching Pilates, she loves traveling, cooking, Netflix binging and developing an unhealthy relationship with chips.

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Emily Galica

Empowered Wellness

Perinatal Pilates, Health & Wellness Expert and Certified Doula

@ CheyenneStudio

Typically, I work with expecting mothers that lead busy work lives and are having a hard time keeping up with their changing bodies and stress levels during pregnancy.


I help my clients stay fit, eat right, and sleep better at night knowing they are doing everything they can to stay healthy and minimize complications during the prenatal period and during labor.

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April Coop

Plant Based Nutritional Living and Coaching 

@ CheyenneStudio

April’s journey toward health and wellness began with her obtaining her license in therapeutic massage. During this time she explored her growth for fitness and the need to educate her clients. She began her own fitness journey experiencing everything she could, this led toward competing in fitness competitions at a professional level. She fell in love with the way it made her feel and how it shifted her approach to all aspects of life.

Transitioning to motherhood she discovered a new approach to the health and fitness world. Diving into plant based nutrition education led her back to fitness through Pilates.

Her own personal experiences with what the Pilates practices began to do for her, and the mind body connection had her always wanting more. The way she felt and moved was nothing like she experienced before, she knew she wanted to give this to others. As a certified Pilates Instructor it is her passion to work others and share the plethora of benefits.​


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Patricia Monreal

GYROTONIC® Instructor

@ Jones Studio

Patricia Monreal, began training in dance at the age of eight.
She danced professionally in a northwest ballet company, has taught and competed internationally in ballroom dancing, and has performed in Las Vegas reviews.

In 2001, Patricia, certified under Julio Horvath creator of the Gyrotonic® method,
in the GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM and in Gyrokinesis® methodologies.
With further opportunity to study under Paul Horvath a renowned physical therapist
using the Gyrotonic® pulley tower for rehabilitation.
Patricia trained under P.G.A. tour instructor, David Rasmussen, in the
Gyrotonic® Application for golfers. Monreal currently teaches privates,
semi-privates and group classes on the Pulley Tower.
Tower classes are available for level one, level two, the musical journey,
and the Gyrotonic® instructors class.

Gyrokinesis® classes are also available. Now accessible to the Las Vegas community
is the specialized equipment of the Jumping Stretch Board, the Leg Extension Unit,
and the Archway. Patricia's teaching credentials span over 40 years
in dance and pilates and included several years in physical rehabilitation.
She can also be found training athletes back stage of the Las Vegas, Wynn's show. "Le Reve".

Patricia believes in a holistic approach to movement and well-being.
For further information call (702) 336-0384
e-mail her at


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