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Private Pilates Sessions


In our Private Classes offered at FYZICAL, you will receive personalized and specific instruction based on your specific needs and goals. Your Pilates Instructor will craft exercises designed just for your needs and will allow them to properly monitor your form . This one-on-one environment ensures you are optimizing your pilates workout. Private Instruction is also a great way for you to mix up your Open Studio routine, by teaching you different exercise techniques based on your needs that you can then replicate in Open Studio hours.

Postural Assessment

A Postural Assessment can be added to your Private Class, completed by our Pilates Instructors. Our Pilates Instructor will assess your posture and determine which areas of your body need to be strengthened or stretched in order to achieve a more balanced body. They can then design a exercise regimen based on your Postural Assessment which will address any of your problem areas.

Private Sessions (55 Mins)
・Single Private Session:  $70
・5 Private Sessions:  $325 
・10 Private Sessions:  $600
Private Sessions (30 Mins)
・Single 30-Minute Private Session: $40
5 30-Minute Private Sessions: $175
10 30-Minute Private Sessions: $300
"Semi" Private Sessions (55 Mins)
・Single 55-Minute Session:  $40 /person
・5 55-Minute Sessions: $175 /person
・10 55-Minute Sessions: $300 /person
"Semi" Private Sessions (30 Mins)
・Single 30-Minute Session:  $30 /person
・5 30-Minute Sessions:  $125 /person
・10 30-Minute Sessions: $200 /person

Private Session 

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